Coalition Shared Database Implementation
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AF04-117 TITLE: Coalition Shared Database Implementation

TECHNOLOGY AREAS: Information Systems


OBJECTIVE: Investigate methods of storage, dissemination, and
retrieval of Ground Moving Target Indicator (GMTI), Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) and other various types of data, in an synchronized and registered manner, that will support a commander's battlefield awareness.

DESCRIPTION: This is to stimulate the effort of enabling the exchange
of Ground Moving Target Indicator (GMTI), Synthetic Aperture Radar
(SAR) imagery, and associated products in a multi-system environment by developing capabilities that exploit evolving joint and coalition interface standards from the Coalition Aerial Surveillance Reconnaissance (CAEASR) ACTD or the Shared Tactical Ground Picture (STGP) initiative. This will allow any workstation that implements Application Program Interfaces (APIs) that adheres to specified standards, or implements a web-based XML interface, to access stored GMTI, SAR data types from various US and coalition sensors. Additionally, the capability to store exploited GMTI and SAR products, or derived products such as nominated tracks and collection plans.

PHASE I: Conduct research on GMTI and SAR storage, dissemination, and retrieval methodologies. This is to include optimization techniques in maximizing data transmission across a wide area network with limited bandwidth. PHASE II: Construct a prototype system based on the design plans from Phase I and demonstrate the capabilities of the system.

DUAL USE COMMERCIALIZATION: Commercial applications include traffic flow analysis based on GMTI history and synchronized SAR imagery. Database could also store track information for athletes on sports teams for analysis on player movement and location tendencies.

Overview on GMTI (or MTI) and SAR: See web-page on E8-C Joint STARS -

Web-page/paper on Global Hawk radar:

For overview on web-based XML data dissemination:

Overview on CAESAR ACTD:

Overview on STGP Initiative:

KEYWORDS: Ground Moving Target Indicator, GMTI, Synthetic Aperture Radar, SAR, coalition interoperability, coalition GMTI data storage and dissemination, coalition SAR imagery storage and dissemination

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