Automatic Test Markup Language
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AF04-277 TITLE: Automatic Test Markup Language

TECHNOLOGY AREAS: Information Systems


OBJECTIVE: Develop, implement, and define a set of industry standard definitions to represent test data and Test Program Set (TPS) using the Extensible Markup Language (XML).

DESCRIPTION: Information flow and content, through the course of Automated Test System (ATS) life cycles, offers many opportunities for improvement, modernization, and standardization. Data is produced and utilized from Automated Test System (ATS) inception to ATS retirement. Opportunities to provide cost savings, enhance capabilities, and to stream line work flows by utilizing modern and emerging text based information technologies and formats abound. These include test system requirements documentation, technical orders, internal communication formats, and many other specific application points. Schemata for using these evolving information formats are being developed and revised for use in the ATS domain. Insertion of these technologies can benefit numerous aspects related to Air Force Automated Test Systems. One particular technology that is clearly emerging as a present and future cornerstone is eXtensible Markup Language (XML). XML has been accepted by the computer industry and because of that acceptance there are various tools available for utilizing the data format. This solicitation is looking for innovative applications of the XML technology that can support and enhance ATS, development, usage, and logistical support.

PHASE I: 1) Define and baseline a collection of XML schemas that allows test data and TPS to be exchanged with other ATS in a common format adhering to the XML standard. 2) Identify all appropriate ATS architectural segments, elements, and critical interfaces for potential implementation of the emerging ATML specification/standard. 3) Select a subset of these ATS segments, elements, and critical interfaces for ATML implementation. 4) Design an ATS implementation of the emerging ATML specification/standard for a specific ATS. 5) Conduct a Preliminary Design Review and deliver a System/Software Requirements/Design Specification and Interface Requirements Specification.

PHASE II: 1) Implement the emerging ATML specification/standard in a specific ATS. 2) Develop a Test Plan and Acceptance Test Procedures. 3) Conduct a Test Readiness Review. 4) Perform acceptance testing. 5) Develop a Test Report. 6) Develop a prototype ATML standard.

DUAL USE APPLICATIONS: The ATML standard will provide a low cost solution for standard commercial off the shelf software tools to be incorporated in DoD and commercial ATS, replacing obsolete custom high maintenance software tools.

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KEYWORDS: XML, eXtensible Markup Language, ATML, Automatic Test Markup Language, ATS, Automatic Test System, TPS, Test Program Sets, Schema

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