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Partnering Opportunity Announcements

The listings below are similar to a newspaper's classified advertisment section. Neither the NSF nor the SBIR Conference Center endorse or are responsible for the submissions below. They are presented in the hopes of promoting partnerships for SBIR/STTR proposals but we urge you to be careful and research the offers of interest listed. Advertising for items unrelated to the SBIR/STTR programs will not be accepted.

You can submit your announcement to our site for free. Please address your questions/comments to: .

Partnering Announcement Search
9/18/2003 Mobile Handheld Computer Software Pittsburgh, PA

InspectTech is interested in partnering with companies in need of expertise in developing applications for portable computer systems. We have extensive experience in on-site data collection and real-time management, reporting functionality.

Contact: Jeremy Shaffer - Phone:
9/11/2003 Nanotechnology Irvine, CA

We are seeking partnerships with companies with fabrication/micromachining capabilities down to nanometer length scales, e.g., carbon nanotubes and surface micromachining. We provide expertise in nanodevice physics, concepts and design as applied to chemical sensors and electronic & RF circuits. Need fabrication partner.

Contact: Hector De Los Santos - Phone: No information available.
9/11/2003 RF MEMS Irvine, CA

We are seeking partnerships with companies interested in developing RF MEMS technology. We provide expertise in RF MEMS process design, device analysis, modeling, design and testing. Also RFIC and microwave circuit design services.

Contact: Hector De Los Santos - Phone: No information available.
9/4/2003 Business Plan Consulting Ringwood, NJ

Offers start up business plan resources, articles, sample business plans, and links to venture capital and angel investors. Provides customized business plans written by a professional business plan writer for when starting a company

Contact: Al Lierman - Phone:
9/4/2003 Laser Ultrasonics / Polarization Imaging Venice, CA

Bossa Nova Technologies is a small company with a strong expertise in laser ultrasonics and polarization imaging. We are interested in partnering in Phase I and Phase II SBIR/STTR opportunities that have a high commercial potential.

Contact: Sebastien BREUGNOT - Phone:
8/31/2003 SBIR Grant / Business Proposal Development Encinitas, CA

We are a full-service team of grant writing professionals who have been principal investigators, key personnel, key writers, business planners, medical regulatory consultants and winners of many SBIR and other types of government grants/contracts. We offer strategic/tactical business plans, research design, medical regulatory planning/risk analysis, brainstorming with you and your staff, advice on financial issues, teleconference calls with you and your agency or experts in the field, sample letters of commitment and other high level expertise, as well as basic outline service for your agency, technical writing and editing, publishing and mailing, with a range of options for payment, depending on the help and type of staff you need. Collectively, we have experience in NIH, DOD, NASA, USDA, NSF, and DOE as well as non-government granting agencies. We were qualified by the San Diego Regional Technology Alliance as a recommended grant writing company, and were part of the winning team of grant proposers for the Arizona FAST grant competition held in July, 2003. Our senior staff includes two PhDs and one staff with an MS, MBA and Medical Regulatory Affairs certification. All have been extremely successful at SBIR and other government contracts. We are especially good with researchers who simply need some help with English expression. Location does not matter. We work equally well in San Diego where we are located, or across the country. Go to or call Vivian Lauderdale, Managing Partner at . We look forward to assisting you and increasing your probability of a win.

Contact: Vivian Lauderdale - Phone:
8/19/2003 IT Technical Resources Leesburg, VA

Practical Technologies, LTD is a small, woman-owned technology services company looking to partner with companies that need assistance with software development expertise. We specialize in providing quick, cost- effective technology solutions at affordable pricing. We can provide resources quickly for short durations (1 week, a few hours per week) or long durations, and offer a myriad of skill sets. Experienced in all aspects of systems development, and subject matters (database, wireless, web and application development). Whether it’s a quick Access database, or a full-blown Oracle database, we can help put something in place quickly and cost effectively.

Contact: Lisa Fredrick - Phone:
8/18/2003 Change Management, Productivity, Efficiency, Quality, Supply Chain Performance Sacramento, CA

IWCM has an extensive success record in throughput enhancement through change management for organizations from factories, to warehouses, to law offices, to child support offices, attorney general's office, DOD operations, and many more. We perform evaluations, assessment, training, and implementations of improvement technologies. Our credentials are impressive with numerous leading- edge books, publications, and advanced degrees. We can make a difference in any proposal.

Contact: Gerhard Plenert - Phone: X home
8/7/2003 Microwave Test Cryogenic Cooling Evanston, IL

Many firms have ideas that require either microwaves or cryogenics, but lack the equipment and/or expertise to take care of those functions. We have a modern microwave lab equipped with network analyzers and the know-how to fill the microwave test gap in your proposal. We also have liquid cryogen-free cryogenic cooling capabilities to fixture, cool and test your samples to 36 Kelvin. This small business incubator start-up is looking for SBIR sub-contract and consultant opportunities.

Contact: Steve Remillard - Phone:
7/20/2003 Clear SBIR Grant Proposals - WE HELP Houston, TX

We will help you write your SBIR grant proposal with clarity and impact. We specialize in conveying technological ideas using plain language for reader friendliness. We have a proven track record of success.

Contact: Laurel Prokop - Phone:
6/24/2003 Telecommunications Network Element Provisioning, Monitoring and Maintenance Plainview, NY

ServiceSPAN is a privately held company specializing in the delivery of software applications and services to the Telecommunications space. Our core competencies involve the integration of Network Elements into Telecom Companies Operations Processes with minimal modifications to existing legacy environments, and maximizing flow thru of provisioning requests. Our K2 suite of solutions provides: 1) Seamless access to Network Element information, and mediation and management of the NE data ; 2) Monitoring of Operations Processes for "failed provisioning events" and management of the "fallout" for interpretation, correction and reprocessing. These applications are useful in the provisioning, maintenance and monitoring of Telecommunications Networks. We are interested in exploring partnering arrangements with complimentary companies to access government sponsored projects.

Contact: John Gazzo - Phone:
6/3/2003 Knowledge Management Applications Irvine, CA

We are looking to partner with ogranizations that have experience developing SBIR R&D proposals. We are an enterprise software company developing XML applications for materials engineering, environmental compliance management, and global issues management. Our customers include NASA, GM, Ford and many others.

Contact: Chris Nunez - Phone:
5/21/2003 Multi-Channel Analog ASIC Designs Raleigh, NC

Our proven multi-channel ASIC designs provide analog signal amplification, filtering and telemetry. Originally designed for use in neural monitoring applications, these 8 to 34 channel ASICs provide tethered and (soon) wireless telemetry of low-voltage events. We are looking for partners with system design and integration expertise who need state-of-the-art analog circuits or circuit design services. We are located in RTP and have close ties to local universities.

Contact: Steve Makgill - Phone:

We are a start up company whom is developing revolutionary technology for a new outdoor media system that will enable the end user to display an ad literally in minutes anytime anywhere. This technology will completely change the way businesses communicate their ads to an outdoor public. We are in need of two rounds of funding for three phases of development. We would welcome assistance in preparing solicitation for government grants targeting specifically The Department of Homeland Security and The Department of Transportation.

Contact: WILLIAM  SAGONA - Phone:
5/13/2003 Innovative RF and Wireless Design West Chester, OH

NuWaves Engineering is a turnkey provider of RF systems. We are interested in partnering in Phase I and Phase II SBIR/STTR opportunities that require power amplifiers, communications systems, synthesizers, antennas, or innovative transceiver designs that have a high commercial potential.

Contact: Jeff Wells - Phone:
4/29/2003 Prototyping and Commercial Production Joplin, MO

Mid-America Precision Products, LLC, is a full service small business interested in partnering in Phase II, SBIR/STTR opportunities with individuals or companies needing assistance in prototyping and production capabilities leading to commercialization phases. MAPP provides mature assistance and experience in prototyping and manufacturing various products and assemblies for military, space and commercial applications.
In addition to government applications, industries served include telecommunications, medical, computer, heavy equipment, and food industries. MAPP has served these industries for over 50 years and are experienced with working with only ideas, rapidly reducing some to hardware or processes with prototyping for practical demonstration.

Contact: Rex Erisman - Phone: X 338
3/18/2003 Data Conversion, GIS, Mapping Solutions Cape Coral, FL

To complete or improve your GIS services/Mapping Productivity, you shouldn't have to manage production facility now. Let UDRATECH manage that work and free you up to focus on achieving a competitive advantage in your core competence.

Our key services include:

a) Map Data Capturing
b) Map Digitization
c) Digital mapping
d) Raster to Vector and Image Data Conversion
e) GIS Database (graphical and text) Creation
f) Data Management
g) Application Software Development
h) CADD Conversion (Architectural, Civil and Mechanical Drawings)

Looking forward to make a mutual beneficiary partnership.

Contact: Sidd Nayak - Phone: No information available.
3/6/2003 Intellectual Property Protection Reston, VA

Our firm has wide array of technology expertise in preparing patent application to protect intellectual property used and developed during SBIR/STTR activity. Our attorneys also have security clearances that can be used in classified project environments. WE have Eastern and Western Offices to serve our clients.

Contact: Jon Roberts - Phone:
3/1/2003 Web and software development Malden, MA

We can assist with Web and software development for Phase I awardees. Our expertise is in development using very high-level languages such as Scheme, LISP, and ML (Standard ML and Objective CAML). Principal holds PhD in Computer Science. We're located near Boston.

Contact: Paul Steckler - Phone:
2/4/2003 Composite Fabrication Subcontractor Manchester, NH

Well established composites fabricator available to support product and process development and demonstration on SBIR/STTR's and other contracts. Expertise in filament winding, braiding, high tension winding, layups, polymer composites, ceramic composites, fiber coating. Very reasonable rates.

Contact: Mike Favaloro - Phone: X 13
1/28/2003 Bio/Chem Decontamination Technology Durango, CO

BCDS Inc. is looking to partner for production of new technology equipment under 8a certification HUB zone/ Native Tribe located/ need new technology to integrate with current systems.

Contact: Hak Ghun - Phone:
1/17/2003 Materials Science San Dimas, CA

Maxdem is looking for innovative technology in the areas of materials science. Our experience and creativity can bridge the gap between the laboratory and commercialization. Whether the technology package is ready to go or needs further development, Maxdem’s team of scientists and business leaders can find solutions leading to successful commercialization. Maxdem has 20 years experience in advanced materials R&D and 15,000 ft. chemical laboratory and offices. Our impressive team of scientists include five Ph.D.’s supported by MS and BS research assistants

Contact: Linda Hope - Phone:
1/12/2003 Arizona legal services for companies and individuals Phoenix, AZ

Wilcox & Wilcox, P.C. offers a wide range of legal services addressing intellectual property issues, including trademarks, tradenames, copyrights, unfair competition, the new Digital Millenium Copyright Act and litigation involving patents. From simple trademark registrations to contentious litigation, Wilcox & Wilcox, P.C. offers efficient, capable representation to companies and individuals dealing with intellectual property issues.

Lawyer Carrie Wilcox is there to help with her extensive experience in business formation and contested litigation.

Our attorneys offer flexible scheduling to provide you with first- rate and convenient service. Weekend and evening appointments are available. If you live out of state or just can't make it to our office during the day, we're happy to schedule a telephonic consultation to evaluate your legal issue and avoid unnecessary or costly delays.

Wilcox & Wilcox, P.C.
3030 North Central Avenue
Suite 705
Phoenix, Arizona 85012
Toll free:

Contact: Trent Wilcox - Phone:
1/8/2003 Bringing Technology to Market Moorestown, NJ

Formation, Inc. is an Electronics Engineering/Manufacturing Company looking to partner with Phase II winners needing assistance in commercializing their technology. The company designs and builds audio, video and data storage, communications and computer products for commercial and military applications. Formation has over 30 years of experience in turning concepts into manufacturable products. If you are looking for an experienced partner to help you move from concept to prototype to product, contact me! Please see for additional information.

Contact: Gene Lovely - Phone: X 3078
1/4/2003 Grant Writing-Management Consulting Encinitas, CA

The staff of a young and growing company or the new project division of a more mature company is often too busy to deal with the details of grant writing. Government grants require very targeted specific aims that are within the mission of the funding agency, with measurable outcomes that can be quantified. The technical merit and feasibility must be clearly expressed. Compliance with proper format and qualifications must be within the guidelines. Furthermore, for SBIR grants, the review committee must clearly understand the commercial value of the project, and trust that the company has the potential to commercialize the product. Researchers who are either extremely busy and/or inexperienced at grant writing often overlook these requirements or cannot take the time to make them clearly obvious to the busy reviewer.

Due to the stringent requirements of the government grant review process, there is significant advantage in having professional grant managers on the team. SciBiz Services can help with the details due to our vast business-science educational background and professional grant-writing experience. We specialize in SBIR/STTR grants, which require a well-written business plan for innovative technologies. We work with pharmaceutical, medical device, and biologics companies that have emerging, cutting-edge technologies. We offer assistance in many areas besides writing. Our services include: 1) tracking new grant announcements appropriate for your biotechnology 2) market & competitive research, 3) qualifications and compliance 4) present your company and project in the best light, appropriate for the type of grant. We work well at a distance with internet & telephone.

Contact: Vivian Lauderdale - Phone:
12/26/2002 Online Marketing/Search Engine Optimize Bombay, AR

We are a Bombay, India based company engaged in above and other web based developments. Outsourcing your BPO/SEO/SEM from from a country where Human Resource Costs are economical yet with adequate knowledge base to cater your requirement is the only solution to remain competitive in market places like USA & Europe.

We offer guaranteed positioning of your site in Search Engines to get genuine Selling Leads.

No words are greater than experiencing it by your self. Nothing succeeds the success. Try, do not buy time, it's precious.

Contact: Prashant Deorah - Phone:
12/22/2002 Increase Hawaiian Export Import Opportunity Evanston, IL

If International Services locates in Hawaii, we could offer the following benefits:

Benefits to Hawaii:

Increased use of Hawaiian infrastructure:
The Global Business Forum could be used by Hawaii to strengthen its image as an international point between the Far East, United States and Europe for international trade and finance. This location would serve to increase Hawaii employment related to shipping and banking industries.

Increased use of high speed telecommunications:
Hawaii has high speed data networks linking United States mainland and the Far East and ultimately Europe. These high speed networks could be utilized to handle the increased traffic associated with sending trade information between trading partners worldwide.

Workforce development:
Increased international business flowing through Hawaii would increase the use of Hawaiian labor related to international trade shipping and transactions and would demand more employees to fill these jobs.

Increase international trade through Hawaii:
The Global Business Forum receives over 10,000 "Offers to Buy and Sell" per week. These "Offers" could be sent to Hawaiian companies to increase the exports and imports with Hawaii or transactions conducted through Hawaii. Effectively, actualized "Offers" would increase revenue flow through Hawaii. Further, educational programs could be offered instructing Hawaiian companies how to import and export.

Contact: Michael Harris - Phone:
12/20/2002 Novel Compounds for Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus Birmingham, AL

We have discovered a class of novel derivatives of maltose and glucose which increase glucose disposal and lower blood glucose in diabetic animals by increasing liver and muscle glycogen synthesis. The compounds are active orally and serve as substrates for glycogen biosynthetic enzymes, thus priming glycogen synthesis in vivo. This discovery is the subject of an issued U.S. Patent 5,817,634.

We are looking for a collaborative partner for application to SBIR/STTR program to develop these compounds. Expertise in drug development technologies including chemical and radiochemical synthesis, isolation and chemistry of natural products, combinatorial chemistry, high-volume screening, X- ray crystallography, NMR, mass spectrometry, pharmacokinetics, toxicology, animal models of diabetes and other relevant areas desired to complement and further existing technology.

Contact: Elias Meezan - Phone:
12/17/2002 Broadband Networking - Ethernet, IP, SONET, Telephony Damascus, MD

Eden Networks, Inc. (Eden) focuses on Broadband Networking product development. Our mission is to provide Turn-Key design services for Leading Edge Communications Equipment companies.

Eden offers full life-cycle engineering development, specializing in hardware, FPGA, and software implementations.

Eden has built a team of individuals who have the experience and knowledge base in the communications networking arena to meet the challenges of the latest standard or newest protocol including:

- OC-3/12/48/192
- Packet Over SONET
- Virtual Concatenation
- Packet based Add-Drop Ring

- 10/100/1000 Ethernet, ATM, FR

Ethernet in the First Mile
- Passive Optical Networks
- Point to Point Ethernet over Fiber/xDSL
- T1 over Ethernet
Protocol Stacks (PPP, SNMP, TCP/IP, OSPF, RIF, BGP, MPLS)

RTOS (VxWorks, Linux)

Network Management Systems

Digital Hierarchy (T1/J1/E1,T3/E3, ISDN, PRI, Nx64, VT)

Telephony (VOIP, H.323, SIP)

Satellite Communications (VSAT, IP over DVB, TDM/TDMA)

Bus standards (PCI, CPCI, H.110, PL2/3/4, Utopia, Telecom Bus, High Speed memory)

The Eden team can confidently provide the following design services:

-Networking Product Development
-FPGAs (Altera, Xilinx, VHDL, Verilog)
-Hardware Development (Printed Circuit Boards, CAD, Fabrication, Assembly, Test)
-Embedded Software Development (RTOS, BSPs, Protocol Stacks)
-Network Management
-OEM production
-Agency certification (EMI, Safety, Environmental)

Contact: Ray Lowe - Phone: X 13
12/9/2002 Expert Consulting & Advice in Health- or Mental Health-Related SBIR Projects Kittery Point, ME

*Complementary & Alternative Medicine
*Health Behavior
*Health Education
*Mental Health

Does your SBIR proposal involve one of the above areas? If so, I can offer the following:

- Experience on two NIH and one DOD scientific review panels.
- Expert writer and editor of research literature reviews.
- Experience in research methodology and design.
- Expertise in overall proposal preparation, critique, editing, and mock-scoring.
- Able to help you develop the overall vision of your project.

Visit my website for more details and background about my work.

Contact: William Collinge, PhD, MPH - Phone:
11/22/2002 SBIR Proposal Review Consulting Services Nyack, NY

Cohen International provides expert SBIR proposal consulting services.

Cohen will review your SBIR proposal and submission documents, and then provide the following:

1. A written evaluation of the draft proposal.
2. A telephone debriefing.
3. A review and written evaluation of a revised proposal draft.

The SBIR Proposal Review Service typically consumes 12-14 hours of work over two or three days. Work can be accomplished on an emergency basis, subject to scheduling and availability.

Cohen has over fifteen years experience in government contracting, and six years in SBIR proposal consulting. Roger Cohen has received over 50 hours of formal SBIR training in the last year.

Contact: Roger Cohen - Phone:
11/21/2002 Proposal Development (54% Phase I success rate) Ithaca, NY

I am a freelance proposal developer with experience writing several funded SBIR proposals. I have been a key contributor to 12 winning Phase I proposals (out of 22 submission attempts – a 54% success rates. Four of the unsuccessful attempts were duplicate submissions, so my success rate on unique proposals is 12 out of 18 – 67%!). One of my specialties is opportunity identification and development – matching your technology, capabilities, and experience with applications that meet SBIR solicitation topics. I find the best opportunity to fund your research. I have worked on proposals for NSF, DARPA, NASA, DoE, NIH, Army, Air Force, Navy, MDA, and NIST. My experience as a product manager of a product that started out as SBIR research is invaluable in developing commercialization plans. I also have in-depth experience with Federal Acquisition Regulations (FARS), developing proposal budgets as well as incurred-cost proposal submissions. I work on a shared- risk, shared-reward basis. You pay a partial fee at the time of proposal development, and you pay the rest only if your proposal is successful. If you are happy with the national Phase I success rate (about 15%), you don’t need my services. If you want to do better, give me a call!

Contact: Kirk Macolini - Phone:
11/18/2002 Human Capital Metric Waxahachie, TX

Looking for partners to advance the design and development of the National Human Capital Infrastructure. The National Skill Standards Board has begun the effort and there is a desire to expand the work to a larger user base.

Contact: Michael Brown - Phone: X 101
11/17/2002 Fraud detection, repair, and maintenance Hazlet, NJ

A provider of Straight Through Processing technology for hedge fund administration and medical claims processing looking for a partner for research and development in the areas of fraud detection, maintenance and repair, actuarial analysis, and emergency response management.

Contact: Dr. Yuval Lirov - Phone:
10/24/2002 Textile Structures Stoneham, MA

Looking for companies looking to partner and leveraging the textile architecture technology for:

*Non Invasive Physiological Monitoring
*Garment Systems: Ensemble, Gloves, Boots, thermal, Fire Protection, Cold Protection
*Passive Heating and Cooling
*Chemical Biological Protection
*Hydration Systems
*Electronic Textiles
*Integrated Conductive Textiles for Heating
*Body Conforming Textile Structures
*Spacer Fabric Systems

Contact: Vic Sharma - Phone:
10/18/2002 Mobile Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Modeling & Simulation Castro Valley, CA

Silicon Valley-based software company with mobile robotics, artificial intelligence, modeling and simulation, mobile software, and software protection expertise seeks strategic partners for NASA, DoD, NSF and DOE SBIR/STTR contracts.

Contact: Gerard Pizarro - Phone:
10/16/2002 Real-time notifications and response system Mountain View, CA

Beyond Access is a small, minority- owned software business specializing in a new breed of communications technologies. Current application is our real time, multi-channel notification and response system that can trigger off any sources (data, voice, image, transactions, etc.) to any destination (phone, pda, wireless, email, web, sms, instant messaging, etc.) We look to partner with synergistic technology concerns to work on all possible government projects.

Contact: Phong Nguyen - Phone:
10/15/2002 Marine Hydrophone Development Corpus Christi, TX

DWSII is a small woman owned, DBE, company specializing in marine towed acoustic hydrophones. DWSII is looking for SBIR and or venture capital partner to finalize development of a solid hydrophone design. The design will offer a environmental friendly solution to the current oil filled solutions used to balance and protect existing marine towed hydrophones. These hydrophone are using in a variety of applications in marine research.

Contact: Douglas Swain - Phone:
10/10/2002 Strategic Partners New York, NY

Ascertain LLC, is a software integration and consulting services company. Our Senior Level Consultants have over 14 years of experience, master’s degrees and a Juris Doctorate. Our Partners are all senior executives who have served as Chief Operations Officers, VPs, and Directors - or comparable positions, across many industries and companies of various sizes. Our Partners form the basis of an intellectual capital repository, which our clients can strategically leverage through our consultants. These experienced consultants organize, manage and report on their projects by focusing on strategic functions: Business Intelligence, Project Management, Operations Support, and Technical Support.

An overview of Ascertain LLC, specific services and expertise: system engineering, software engineering, functional process analyses, QA, operations and project management, and risk management. In order to streamline processes, maximize efficiency, and refine effectively, we offer a broad spectrum of system engineering, project management, and supply chain-consulting services.

Contact: Patrick Donovan - Phone:
10/2/2002 Coating Company looking to partner with SBIR award winners Phoenix, AZ

Our expertise is in the development of coatings, additives, and adhesives to many substrates in areas such as fuel cells, decon coatings, and defense systems. We have a lot of experience in the nanotechnology area. We use our core technology of "chemical grafting" in conjunction with nanomaterials onto substrates that require specific performance. We have full R&D capabilities to develop turnkey solutions. We have used chemical grafting in virtually every industry: automotive, industrial machinery, consumer products, aerospace, medical, packaging and many others.

Contact: April Walters - Phone:
9/30/2002 Engineering Services company looking to partner with SBIR/STTR contract winners Apache Junction, AZ

Mustang Design Engineering, Inc. can provide the following services:

*Product Design
*Injection Mold Design
*Specialized Equipment Design
*Program Management Services
*Problem Solving
*Rapid Prototyping
*Light Manufacturing

We can augment your existing engineering staff, or BE your engineering staff. We are interested in partnering with a university, start-up or investment company.

Contact: Steve Sharp - Phone:
9/27/2002 Communications Philadelphia, PA

Your Choice Communications, Inc. (“YCC”) is a small Technology services company operating proprietary Debit-based software applications, platform capacity and support services.

Utilizing its core competencies, YCC has real-time mission critical call data capture applications which Congress & Homeland Security requested and Appropriated funds to support their anti-terror directives.

We are looking for well funded strategic partners or agencies to bridge the Government funding timetable and to develop additional tools like predictive analysis & artificial intelligence to enhance our current capabilities to thwart and interrupt terrorism at home and abroad.

YCC integrates company-owned proprietary software and operated switching facilities, and direct network routes to provide services to our customers. We provide wholesale domestic and international network origination & termination rates via bulk rate agreements with major telecom providers. Our Information Technology Network utilizes industry-standard Nortel, Cisco, Excel & ECI equipment running YCC’s user-friendly suite of proprietary application software modules. The company has entered into reciprocal contract agreements with major Telecom Carriers. This provides YCC with connectivity to over 100 different carriers and eliminates excessive carrier deposits.

YCC can provide Homeland Security with 2WayTV, Wireless Voice & Text messaging over AM & FM signals, Virtual Private Networks, Fixed Wireless, Comprehension, Translation, Data-mining, Optical & Tape Data Storage, Indexing and Retrieval capabilities.

See &

Contact: Digger Dolan - Phone: X 121
9/16/2002 Biotechnology/Life Sciences Market Research Firm seeks Partnership in SBIR/STTR Research Triangle Park, NC

We are a biotechnology/life science market and information research firm and are seeking to partner with SBIR/STTR award winners.

We provide market research, competitor analysis, strategic planning, informational studies, and consulting services to clients focused in biotechnology, pharmaceutical and life sciences.

Contact: Mark Dibner - Phone:
9/10/2002 International Opportunities for Your Inventions and/or Products Columbus, OH

We at Pacific Passage LLC, offer consulting services and hands-on assistance that help you benefit from doing business with Asia's fastest growing market--China. We can find buyers for your products and manufacturers for your inventions. Email us for a free quote and solution proposal.

Contact: Sharon Frank - Phone:
9/9/2002 Robot for Human Motor Control Cambridge, MA

Highly compliant upper-limb robot guides and/or monitors human arm movement, and can record motions and mechanical quantities such as the position, velocity, and forces applied. Flexible programming interface. Readily accommodates uncontrolled forces (is highly "back- driveable").

Contact: R. Parlow - Phone: No information available.
9/8/2002 Business Communications Services Atlanta, GA

No matter how important your message, it is your delivery that determines how your target audience responds, particularly in today’s competitive marketplace.

- Our professionals customize programs in oral communications and media training, public speaking, and business writing to help individuals and groups make their delivery more effective.

- We also help clients convey their key messages through our complete video production, as well as writing support and editing services.

- Finally, for companies that host seminars or conferences, we offer event production – from planning through coordination and implementation.

In short, C4 professionals Steve Clements and Claudia Coplon can help you meet your communications strategies and objectives

For 35+ years, Steve Clements has taught, written, conceptualized, directed, produced, and testified on all aspects of media ranging from network broadcast to video to live production in a glass-bowl Disney studio. In these capacities, he has managed staffs ranging from 4 to 150, established and met budgets ranging from $11,000 to $1,000,000 a week, and prepared students, professionals, and celebrities to talk to their various publics.

For 25+ years, Claudia Coplon has developed strategic communications that effectively package a company’s message. She has provided writing/editing, organizational, and public relations support to a wide variety of clients on projects including: editing and producing award winning quarterly journals and annual directories; refining and orchestrating marketing activities for a national educational meeting that attracted 27,000 attendees; editing/rewriting model policy/procedures publications for accreditation; teaching writing workshops for correctional professionals in New Mexico, Tennessee, and Alaska; and implementing community relations programs.

Contact: Steve Clements - Phone:
9/5/2002 RF Foundry Capability San Diego, CA

Peregrine Semiconductor is interested in teaming with and qualifying design, assembly and test companies of integrated circuits. Peregrine designs RF and Fiber Optic integrated circuits on a unique Silicon- On-Insulator technology in high volume production in Peregrine's own deep submicron wafer fabrication facility. Foundry Services are also available with both dedicated wafer and multi-project wafer runs.

Contact: Chuck Tabbert - Phone:
9/5/2002 Commercialization, Marketing, and Internet Consulting Minneapolis, MN

Internet consulting that specializes in search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine submissions, which has proven to be the most cost-effective method of Internet marketing.

Company assists with the planning and strategy of marketing and customer service on the Internet. We work with your web designers to create a site that is optimized "from the ground up" for search engines using scored keyword phrases that are exactly what people use to find your products or services.

Company will optimize an average site for less than $500. Site lists client project examples, results, and service pricing. References provided upon request and they offer a free one hour initial consultation.

If you have no budget, you may use our free one hour consultation to get the information you can use to do the work yourself. We may also consider projects in return for a percentage of sales, so please ask.

Sample projects:

Contact: Christian Nielsen - Phone:
8/29/2002 Intelligent Systems Westlake Village, CA

Intelligent Recognition Systems is a small woman owned business specializing in the development of advanced signal and image processing systems. We have expertise in vision systems, pattern recognition, high-speed processing and artificial intelligence. We are looking for partners and opportunities in government and commercial.

We have developed technology for biometrics, automated object detection and tracking, explosive detection using spectral sensors and handheld devices used for situation awareness in remote areas.

Contact: Jerry Burman - Phone:
8/26/2002 CellPhone & PDA Manufacturer Seeks Partnership Lanham, MD

GLobal Wireless Networks develops a all-in-one unit that's a cellphone a PDA, or palm held computer, a camera, barcode scanner, credit card reader, and GPS receiver, seeks partners, and projects in Healthcare, Education, Manufacturing, and Retail business.

Contact: Marjorie  Lawrence-Bailey - Phone:
8/25/2002 Grant Writing-Management Consulting Encinitas, CA

The staff of a young and growing company or the new project division of a more mature company is often too busy to deal with the details of grant writing. Government grants require very targeted specific aims that are within the mission of the funding agency, with measurable outcomes that can be quantified. The technical merit and feasibility must be clearly expressed. Compliance with proper format and qualifications must be within the guidelines. Furthermore, for SBIR grants, the review committee must clearly understand the commercial value of the project, and trust that the company has the potential to commercialize the product. Researchers who are either extremely busy and/or inexperienced at grant writing often overlook these requirements or cannot take the time to make them clearly obvious to the busy reviewer.

Due to the stringent requirements of the government grant review process, there is significant advantage in having professional grant managers on the team. SciBiz Services can help with the details due to our vast business-science educational background and professional grant-writing experience. We specialize in SBIR/STTR grants, which require a well-written business plan for innovative technologies. We work with pharmaceutical, medical device, and biologics companies that have emerging, cutting-edge technologies. We offer assistance in many areas besides writing. Our services include: 1) tracking new grant announcements appropriate for your biotechnology 2) market & competitive research, 3) qualifications and compliance 4) present your company and project in the best light, appropriate for the type of grant. We work well at a distance with internet & telephone.

Contact: Vivian Lauderdale - Phone:
8/8/2002 GIS and IT solutions and services BBSR, OR

We would like to define directions in our synergic aspects of business coherence. If and only if we foresee a concrete trust building, our growth shall be benchmarked.

Contact: San Nandi - Phone: No information available.
8/2/2002 Raise Venture Capital Norwalk, CT

Post your executive summary online - we will then showcase it to over 16.9 Billion dollars globally in Angel and Venture Capital

Contact: Joe Rubin - Phone:
8/2/2002 Non-invasive medical technology Fremont, CA

VC funded company developped an optical technology platform with multiple applications. Technology proven and patent protected. Lookig for a partner with SBIR / NIH/ NCI grant experience to find funds for the development and commercialization of additional applications.

Contact: Bob Lash - Phone: X 223
7/10/2002 IT/Telecom Consulting Firm looking to partner with SBIR/STTR contract winners Skokie, IL

We are a small IT and Telecommunications Consulting firm seeking to partner with SBIR / STTR contract winners.

We provide:

  • Proven track record – since ’95 we have developed strong partnerships with some of the world's top telecom/datacom carriers and developers.
  • The right tools- we address the entire network lifecycle by designing, implementing, testing, supporting, and training personnel for flawless network deployment.
  • Superior expertise – our engineers specialize in SS7, IP, ATM, VoIP, xDSL, frame relay, ISDN, wireless and PDH/SDH/SONET technologies and more.
  • Total Solution - We also specialize in database integration, SoHo to Enterprise network hardware development/manufacture, and 3G technologies.

We encourage all interested parties to contact us to find out how the custom implementations of our expertise and technology can assist your organization.

Contact: Jeff Park - Phone:
6/11/2002 Strategic Partner, Software Development Charlotte, NC

We are an upcoming IT organisation providing solution in the entire range of IT services. We provide solution in WebBased Technologies, customised software development, Network Integration, Network Security Services, Telecom S/W Development and Design, ERP Solution,CRM Based Solutions, Embedded Systems, GIS Solutions. With the development centre at Delhi , Gurgaon and Bhubaneshwar. We have offices in India, Singapore and USA ,Canada, UK and Abu Dhabi.

Contact: Sanjay Sahu - Phone: No information available.
6/4/2002 Partner with Oak Ridge National Laboratory on SBIR or STTR Projects Oak Ridge, TN

In support of U.S. small businesses and based upon the special capabilities it possesses, the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) participates on SBIR and STTR Projects. ORNL possesses world- class research capabilities in the following areas: materials, computing, instrumentation, life sciences, neutron sciences, environmental sciences, et. al. If interested in including the capabilities of the ORNL in your next SBIR or STTR project proposal, please contact . To learn more about the capabilities of the ORNL, please visit our web site at

Contact: Terry  Payne - Phone:
5/28/2002 Patriot II R&D Clover, SC

We have proposed a 310 million dollar effort to Effectively Re-design An Existing Weapons Platform and at the same time provide urgently Needed educational and support services for multiple markets

We are Seeking Partners to futher this effort

Must be A US Firm or DOD approved and have ability to comply with multiple Defense related Requirements.

Contact: H Bryant Lanier - Phone:
4/16/2002 Reading improvement New York, NY

We are affiliated with Long Island University, and have a new technology that substantially improves reading speed, concentration, comprehension and long-term memory. It works for dyslexic, as well as all other students from 5th grade to high school.

Contact: Hal  Wexler - Phone:
3/14/2002 Strategic Teaming New York, NY

Neogenerations is an IT Services consulting firm that is interested in teaming to create a strategic partnership with other potential bidders. Neogenerations is a small, SBA certified minority women-owned 8(a) business incorporated in 1995 with corporate offices in New York.

We specialize in Internet, Intranet & Extranet design, development, and maintenance for both government and commercial organizations. We provide following professional services:

  • Internet & Intranet development services
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Graphics creation and design
  • Web site design, development & deployment
  • Web site maintenance
  • Database management, data warehousing and data mining
  • User orientation and training
  • Digital imaging services
  • Data management
  • Convergent telecommunications solutions
  • Multimedia production services
  • Information technology research
Neogenerations has gained a strong reputation for its expertise in providing concept through implementation solutions for a host of clients. Our development approach is driven by the client’s business needs & vision. Perhaps the quickest way to learn about our organization is to visit our web site @ for additional details.

Our objective in team formation is to create a long-term partnership that will be successful in winning contracts and adequately perform all the necessary parts of the project.

Contact: Roger Chhabra - Phone: X 11
3/6/2002 Micro and Meso-scale Fluid Handling Systems Ellicott City, MD

We are interested in partnering with other companies in the development of micro and meso-scale fluid handling systems for biotech applications, chem-bio sensors, dispensing of liquids from nanoliters to milliliters in the form of drops and sprays, mixing devices, fuel cells, high frequency fluidic actuators for flow control, fluidic switching, etc. We have considerable experience in R&D, technology and product development of such systems.

Contact: Surya  Raghu - Phone:
3/5/2002 Software Engineering Ridgefield, CT

We are a small group of consultants with Ph.D./M.S. in science and software engineering and with years of work experience in large corporations, start-ups and colleges, would like to subcontract or work jointly to provide software services use UML, Java, C++, RDBMS and XML in constructing web-enabling technology, backend supports and server services.

Contact: Hsui-lin  Winkler - Phone:
3/1/2002 Emotion Recognition Engine Trabuca Canyon, CA

We are looking for an SBIR Phase I partner to further develop our hardware/software technologies for transforming voice->text->emotion- >five senses.

Contact: Chris Nunez - Phone:
2/22/2002 Micro transformers for modem and wireless applications Torrance, CA

We are seeking partnerships to develop and commercialize a series of micro transformers with high efficiency and no bigger than 1/4 in x1/4 in x 2 mm. These transformers are mass producible at low cost and at high volumes for modem and cell phone applications.

Contact: Bill Chan - Phone:
2/22/2002 Uncooled. high-sensitivity, high-resolution night-vision camera at 10 micron Torrance, CA

We are seeking partnerships to develop and commercialize an uncooled, high-sensitivity and high- resolution camera system at 10 micron wavelength for night vision applications, including military. Several patentable MEMS and CMOS microchips and methodologies are available.

Contact: Bill Chan - Phone:
2/22/2002 Massively-parallel Optical Communications at 10 micron Torrance, CA

We are seeking partnerships to develop and commercialize a massively-parallel optical communications system at 10 micron wavelength for high-speed, "last- mile" free-space graphics transmission with little or no atmospheric attenuation. Several patentable MEMS and CMOS microchips and methodologies are available.

Contact: Bill Chan - Phone:
2/15/2002 Distributed Application Development Partners in the Field of Bioinformatics Braintree, MA

Boston Internet Technologies is a minority-woman owned and managed business seeking partners for collaborative SBIR/STTR applications and joint commercialization efforts in the field of bioinformatics and computational biology. BIT has been building distributed multi-tier applications for mid-market to Fortune 1000 high technology companies and other organizations for over 4 years and have recently been establishing a government contracting and research grant focus. BIT has a number of life science technologists on staff and are interested in pursuing partnerships with companies interested in joint bids, commercialization efforts and business development in the field of Biology/Biochemistry-oriented analytic software.

Contact: Hang Hoang - Phone:
2/5/2002 SBIR/STTR Grants San Diego, CA

R&D Business Solutions, LLC provides business development and grant services for emergent technologies. We evaluate the technology, assist in planning the project, and search for an SBIR program that meets project needs. We then prepare a proposal that meets the needs and requirements of the funding agency. We are experienced in SBIR/STTR, NIST-ATP, and several state grant programs for innovative R&D.

Contact: Tina Huth - Phone:
1/30/2002 New Surgical Technology Reno, NV

We are looking for partners to raise capital and market a new surgical technology allowing surgeons to perfom operations without any incision and general anesthetic.

Contact: Sid  Rizvi - Phone:
1/14/2002 Forensic Evidence Collection System Great Falls, MT

Seeking partnerships to commercialize this collection system. Two of the 18 patented devices in the system are ready to be produced and test marketed. Mold design, thermoplastic injection molds and marketing materials are all that is required to move forward.

Pre-marketing surveys show tremendous commercial potential.

Contact: Steve Powell - Phone:
1/13/2002 High Tolerance Fabrication of Temperature Sensitive Materials Ankeny, LA

Insulation fabrication company with high pressure water cutting equipment. Capable of high tolerance fabrication of gasketing and insulation materials. Currently hold patents and plastic extrusion dies for finished ceiling and insulation system for pre-engineered steel building tested at R-30 level for 8" pulins. Company is a small business looking for insulation or gasketing product developement opportunities particularly in the aircraft industry.

Contact: Robert Fligg - Phone:
1/8/2002 Strategic Initiatives in Technology Policy and Public Applications Johnston, IA

Enterprise MidAmerica is available for planning, facilitation, research and project management assignments involving broad public-purpose technology initiatives. Our client base encompasses state government and private-sector clients engaged in converging application and policy initiatives in broadband, e- government, project management design, technology planning and related fields. Enterprise MidAmerica also welcomes strategic alliance structures or similar partnered approaches to filling client needs where appropriate. Our forte is developing solutions that are comprehensible, actionable and targeted to the client strategy and mission.

Contact: Craig Maltby - Phone:
1/8/2002 Partners or Licensees for the Use of Round, Glass Multi-Bore Capillaries Cleveland, OH

Partners Or Licensees For The Use Of Round, Glass Multi- Bore Capillaries And Their Method Of Fabrication.

NineSigma, representing UOP LLC, a joint venture of The Dow Chemical Company and Honeywell International, is seeking proposals from companies, government organizations and universities interested in forming a partnership, and/or licensing UOP’s patent for the use of round, glass multi- bore capillaries and for their method of fabrication. Potential applications of the technology are in the fields of chromatography, electrophoresis, medical diagnostic or pharmaceutical application devices, filtration, flow control, and optical communications, among other possibilities.

Contact: Larry Mitchell - Phone:
1/5/2002 Rotary Engine with CVT Wichita, KS

A simple prototype of this external combustion engine indicates characteristics of the much needed Continuous Variable Transmision. A Stage I DOE Grant (16.d) and facilities for developing and testing are needed. A patent will soon be applied for.

Contact: Ralph A.  Davis - Phone:
1/3/2002 R&D Coatings Development-Looking to Subcontract Phoenix, AZ

We are an R&D company looking for an opportunity to develop organic coatings to improve various substrates, i.e. metals, plastics, rubber, wood, etc. in a wide variety of fields.

Contact: Alice  Barton - Phone:
1/1/2002 Communications Technology and Software Development Partner Available Salt Lake City, UT

We are a small cooperative of industry professionals who bring to bear cutting edge technology experience in fiber optics, RF Technology, software development, encryption, project management, construction management, and product development.

Contact: Chad Norberg - Phone:
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